Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentines Day and What People Buy

Most popular valentines gifts

Valentines day is a day for lovers across the globe. Unlike Mothers Day, Valentines Day is celebrated on the same day in every country, each year. 14th February is the day millions is spent on telling how much you love your partner!

How it all began...

Also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine and is observed on 14th February each year. This day started as a celebration of a Christian saint named Valentinus. History has it that he was imprisoned for marrying soldiers who were forbidden from getting married and also for ministering to Christians. However, during his time in prison he apparently healed his jailers daughter and before his execution he wrote a letter to his jailers daughter as "a farewell from your valentine"

Problems around the world... Love is NOT all around!

Its not all love and romance! In Saudi Arabia for example in 2002 and 2011 their religious police banned the sale of Valentines Day cards and gifts. Shopkeepers were basically told to remove any red items! The reason for this was it was considered a Christian holiday. This created a black market for cards and gifts!

In Iran Valentines Day is seen in a poor light as many say it is opposed to Islamic culture.

In Pakistan The Jamaat-e-Islami tried to ban Valentines Day, although it is a widely celebrated day across this country.

Most popular gifts:

According to recent research the most popular Valentines gifts are:

1. Jewelry - The most popular is jewelry on our list. Not surprising when you think the number of people getting engaged on this day. However, it is not just engagement rings, which are popular. Also other jewelry such as pearls are popular jewelry to give on Valentines Day.

2. Chocolate - How many times have you seen chocolate hearts and teddy bears? Chocolate is a very close second to jewelry. Many see chocolate as an aphrodisiac and so goes hand in hand on Valentines Day.

3. Evening out - Not a gift in tangible terms but is still third on our list. We assume that people spending money on an evening out will do this as opposed to buying other gifts, but not including a Valentines Day card.

4. Clothing - We assume this will include underwear, which tends to be a popular gift from men to women - especially younger lovers!

5. Gift Cards - A bit of a random surprise. However, gift cards are fifth on our list and are clearly popular. Gift cards are often safe purchases, as people can select what to buy, whether it is jewelry, clothes or something totally different.

The top five list was from US News.com who conducted a pole to find out the most popular valentines gifts.

What did I buy?

I bought my wife a set of pearl earring last valentines day... She loves pearls and I am not very good at buying jewelry so I thought it would be a safe option. It is amazing, as I did not know how many colours of pearls there are available, although my wife assures me I made the right choice on colour, which is always good!

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