Thursday, February 7, 2013

Which Skin Care Products Should I Be Using?

In my Father's day, "skin care" was something for the wife, along with her makeup and pantyhose. Men didn't moisturize.

Nowadays the aging Baby Boomer generation is retiring and living longer and healthier and more active. And they have every right to look as good as they feel. So for both men and women, a good skin care regimen is essential.

There are a lot of systems and products out there for every budget but they have the same three basic skin care steps:


Within each of those steps are some other additional steps as well, optional but effective.

While cleansing, for example, once a week or so I additionally use a scrub to exfoliate dead surface skin cells. Those dead cells dull my skin's own natural luster and shine and they can't absorb the moisturizer or other products, so I exfoliate them off.

Toner is meant to prepare your skin to receive and utilize the moisturizer. I have a regular cleanser and also one that has a skin repair component, for repairing sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles and it works, I can feel the tingling when I apply it. So I let it do its work for a while, then I rinse and finish with moisturizer.

Moisturizer also has sub-products, for instance a lighter daytime moisturizing lotion, then a heavier nighttime cream moisturizer. And an eye cream. And a repair serum.

I use a cleanser product only several days per week, because as a man I don't have the concern of being sure to thoroughly remove make-up. For the moisturizer, I do a daytime moisturizer and then a richer moisturizer at night, as well as a skin repair serum made for age 40 or so and up. I am fifty-three years young now and the skin care regiment has helped tremendously!

I do splurge and use a top tier moisturizer.

So you can select and mix and match according to budget and your own individual skin care situation and needs and preferences.

When you decide to start a good skin care regimen, visit the a few of the top-end skin care lines' counters in higher-end stores and try the products. Then step it down in price and try some others.

My mother always told me to never use soap on my face and I never even had acne as a teenager, I washed my face with water only, and retained my skin's own natural oils. I believe it is always preferable to retain your own natural moisture; only a percentage of topically-applied products will penetrate. Another reason for the exfoliate, scrub away the dead skin cells for optimal penetration of the toner and moisturizers to follow.

Once a week, I do nothing, just wash my face with cold water in the morning and just let it breathe, no moisturizers or anything. That is good to do as well.

Drink at least the standard 8 glasses of water every day to help flush out toxins in the body including the skin.

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