Friday, March 30, 2012

Whitening skin care products Ads

This product for a far off complete in a very direct Cosmetic License, there are invariably some middle-aged ladies "earnestly" "personal experience" "highway robbery" of selling it extremely bored thus subway and started viewing the wall ads this beauty, this is often a Whitening Series, eightieth of the composition model could be a woman's face, creativity usually, is kind of satisfactory kind, however cosmetics ads are primarily when the highly PS lovely face close-up.

May be defeated by defeat on the 2 hundredth, this beauty options pretty customary, carrying a white dress, head revealed a chunk of white cloth, initially look terribly pure, however white ads, but oh, clothing and background are white when the model swap and then solely within the distinction of white appeared yellowish, whereas not recognize who this ad coming up with, however poor sense of color, particularly garments and white head that 2 terribly bright, eye-catching, this is often the whitening skin care merchandise, advertisers

Why? to spotlight the necessity safflower leaves to travel with, ah, somebody learn it jewellery ads, needed jewellery shining bright, dark background is crucial. Say that makeup face it, feel it's extravagant, however it's not the whitening skin care makeup advertising ads, models, makeup naturally we tend to go concerning being additional clear.

Feel necessary to spotlight the whitening skin care, makeup the entire purpose ought to be: one Foundation to lightweight 2 eyebrow eye makeup to be God Using three four five Lip Blush ought to be crystal clear natural makeup ought to be emphasised that the clean and perfectly clear, stress on contour line-based, lightweight shading outlines when variety of amendments, like film when the super-perfect skin, highlighting ladies facial skin texture, shiny, highlighting the achievements of white as natural girlfriend.

This is often a positive resolution ah. however this ad is absolutely nothing to mention, a three-dimensional sense of the massive white background while not, of course, fairly Peugeot models, otherwise the lowest to take the folks that face a major flat ah, terrible additionally an eye fixed shadow, either blank, or make-up facial makeup after all, is to specialise in the structure and countenance. This ad, brown eye shadow that vigorous Yeah, however no shiny or matte brown, is that the chosen color or color line earth Yes, i do know blooming matte eye shadow that needs considerable technical, however on this occasion ah , this theme ah, and doesn't take.

Bored out the eyes, and even additional terrifying is blush, like Shu Uemura bestsellers 33E, folks had terribly nice color in a very matte end on this massive white lump is pink color block 2. however rather to deem enjoying position, the terribly nature of eye shadow and blush along provides a terribly sturdy sense of uncomfortable makeup, how will try this as a whitening skin care product ads? additionally how folks can trust you this product? Makeup artist should don't recognize if this method is that the high use of color, etc.

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